Saturday, August 9, 2008

Selfish and Green

I've been volunteering on the executive for the local green party, and it has started to piss me off - mostly because it feels like we're just not getting through to people. They've always got somewhere else to be, something else to to, and it is nearly impossible to convince anyone to change. They may wish to be noble and good, but when it comes down to the crunch, they look away, put their fingers in their ears, and keep doing things the way they've always been done.

So I had a thought today. Why not appeal to the less noble instincts? Like this :

If you won't do it for the environment, the world, the future.. then do it for yourself.

  • Go vegan because 97% of vegans live longer, get less cancer, are orgasmic, less depressed and more in love.
  • Stop eating meat and using plastic to store your food, and menopause won't hit so hard because your hormones won't be completely out of whack.
  • Stop eating dairy, and your hair will stop falling out, because your body will finally be able to absorb iron.
  • Stop buying expensive processed foods and your bank account will thank you.
  • Stop feeding your children junk food and sugary crap and you'll find them turning back into calm, responsive and loving family members.
  • Use less water and your water bill will be lower.
  • Turn off all those lights - we all look better by candle light anyway.
  • Air dry your clothes and your hydro bill will go down.
  • Quit smoking and your face won't get as wrinkled.
  • Ride your bicycle or walk instead of drive and your body will be more beautiful.
  • Use fewer toxic body care products and your skin will clear up.
  • Donate to green charities and you'll get a hefty tax refund.
  • Donate to the green party and you'll get an even more hefty tax refund.

Do yourself a favour.. live green.

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Jennie said...

it's funny, just today i was thinking about how much meat i'm NOT eating lately and how much i don't really miss it. and i walk everywhere. and i was just thinking about getting more candles from ikea so i can stop using my overhead light at night. and i air dry almost all of my laundry (underpants still need to go in the dryer) and i buy organic/local produce whenever i can.
that being said i just finished a diet dr. pepper and a cigarette. and i did have a craving for pork chops earlier.
baby steps.