Sunday, August 10, 2008

Oh For Crying Out Loud

Two quotes from this spectacularly horrifying little column by Miriam Silverberg I found in a free paper called Epoch Times, which I picked up while grocery shopping :

(1) Most women look better with clothes than without.

(2) Being pregnant is a wonderful, glorious time in a woman's life and she can and should look her best. To my mind that does not include accentuating her huge belly.

Bugger off, Miriam.


Victoria said...

Who gave this idiot a collumn?!
I'm sorry but if I am ever pregnant I am wearing as many belly-baring shirts as possible. I think a pregnant belly is the most beautiful thing EVER!

Jennie said...

I read the article and at first I thought it was a tester for an Onion piece. Then I realized she was serious and all I could think was "Really? Is it 1999 already? Complaining about belly shirts?"
Good thing she wasn't in Vancouver for the Great Boob Out Pro-Breastfeeding Event of 2008. Her head would exploded.